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Our Objectives

  • To bring back life competences to the villages, tomake the rural people, self confident and self respectful, through a system of a modern education, to improve scientific methods in agricultural and rural industries, and to help the rural people to grown as a healthy, self reliant educated and useful citizen of india.
  • To conduct residential, introductional for all round development of the scholars, aming particularly at the cultivation of the new ideal of social order and community life in the villages.
  • To work actively for agricultural, technological, cultural and scientific education of the rural people.
  • To work for the development of the village as planned units of a prosperous rural life, rich in agricultural and rural industries and a centre of a comprehensive education embraching the physical , the intellectual the athletic and social aspects of life of the rural peopleā€¦.. in detail please see the memorandum of Organization/Byelaws.